Baby, I’m back…

 My month of madness is not ending here but I really need to get a blog post in before both you and I forget this page even exists. It’s been a crazy month which stared off beautifully, relaxing on a beach in Spain sipping spritzers and getting my tan on. Reality hit when I made my way to work just hours after landing in Gatwick.

It’s not at all bad to dwell on the past every now and again though. My summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without bragging a little on my blog (I already bombarded Instagram repeatedly with holiday snaps).

Spain Italian

Although being in Spain, we found this cute Italian which did the most amazing hearty foods. I ate my body weight in Garlic Bread with Alioli. What I love about Spain is their ability to share. The Spanish always give extra, whether it be bread to begin with or shots at the end of the meal. They never rush you either, everything is so laid back and relaxed, it’s not wonder so many Brits decide to buy places out there.

Can we also excuse the hair, this night was exceptionally hot and left no desire to maintain a stylish hairdo’.

The days were as relaxing as the nights…..

Spain Bikini

My friends Villa is perfect for absolutely everything and coincidently, absolutely nothing. I could have laid like that all day if it wasn’t for my desperation to stuff my face with more Carbs. It was a tanners dream, I think I caught tan lines within 8 minutes of lying like that.

Top// Primark, Bikini// Topshop.


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