Throwback WANG

An evening filled with not a lot to do resulted in my attention focused strictly on, scrawling through past fashion week collections dating back to 2003.

What I love about fashion is the ability to wear something from over 10/20/30/40 + years ago and still rock it like you just found it in Topshop. Unlike technology, it never really goes stagnant and actually gains wearability after certain years.

I came across THIS Alexander Wang spring/summer 2011 collection and it’s minimalism (classic Wang) is what caught my eye, that and the mint green colour dotted through out.

Alexander Wang ss11It’s true, you need confidence to pull off these head to toe colour ensembles. Just try it and hold your head high, the results are stunning.

I stayed up so late looking through his collections, it’s a good job I live alone as I’m sure somebody would have told me off for having the light on at such late hours. I ended up falling asleep with my laptop still open dreaming of WANG, which explains my late blog post on the very important topic.


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