Slick Wednesdays

If you were in the UK today, or even just on Facebook, you’ll have noticed the slight heatwave we endured. It’s fairly emotional when us Brits get this sort of unexpected weather. The realisation that not one person seems to be working is quite humorous, the seafront was packed… full of jobless, topless, shameless human beings.

It was pretty boiling though, 27 degrees by 10am is impressive for England.


I tried out a new hairstyle in light of the hot weather, I needed it off my face but I’m completely sick of tying it into a bun.

This slicked back look is so easy to achieve, I doubted myself for too long.

“You’re head is too big Sophia!”, “It would hold for long enough!” Just a couple of comments I made every time I contemplated this style. I am so glad I attempted it and I’m sure it’s going to be my new “go-to”.

I left my hair natural and began back combing the roots around the front sections of my hair, then simply smoothed it down and fixed with ALOT of hairspray, and I mean ALOT. Just keep smoothing until it feels right.


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