I turnt twenty-four today. I don’t know if I’m more shocked about that or the way I just realised my little brother turns 10 in December. That’s an entire decade. I can’t accept it yet.

My close friend also turnt 24 two before me so we had a little celebration in between. SATURYAY!!

I rarely have weekends off from work so this was something of a treat, albeit I really don’t have a clue about Saturday night proceedings anymore.

The night consisted of prosecco at mine, followed by a small bar crawl and plenty of cocktails. I made a new friend and caught up with my Bessie so I can safely say I had a brilliant night.

  Top// Peacocks, Skirt// Miss Selfridge, Heels// Zara  

Then came the obligatory outfit change. Are we ever happy?!

  Dress & Heels// both Zara  
I’ve been wearing this faux septum piercing for some time now, I’m conjuring up the courage to get the real deal. I’m just trying to find an artist who will agree to a tiny hoop like this.

Twenty-four feels just the same as twenty-three 😀


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